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Insert generic hardcore lyric here.

blood and broken hearts and getting even.

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I have decided I'm actually going to put some information in here for the first time in four years...

I just graduated from Stonehill College with a major in Spanish and french. I love languages. I'm known to challenge people by saying I can "spell any word ever!" I hate capitalization, but this is a special occasion - and I have no respect for you if you don't know the difference between their/there/they're, too/to, or you're/your. No TyPiNg LiKe ThIs EiThEr!!!! omgroflmao!!!111 your 2 kewl!!!11

I'm drug free & into music a lot...i.e., mostly hardcore & metal, and some other choices like latin stuff, rap, some top 40s, and other embarrassing soundwaves.
I have two doggies, a Boston Terrier and a Boxer.
I'm a sox fan and I've lived in Mass. all my life.
I say random things that come to my mind a lot. (You think of them, too...I actually say them.)
I went to BU for graphic design, then transferred to Bridgewater State for Spanish, and then again to Stonehill to persue interests in minors.

There are tons of other things I could say, but no one reads this anyway.

alove for enemies, american nightmare, art, as i lay dying, bane, bebe, beloved, boston hardcore, boston terriers, boxers, bridge 9, btbam, bury your dead, byd, christcore, christian hardcore, coffee, comeback kid, counting the days, cro-mags, cruelty-free, cuddling, cursive, dane cook, deathwish records, dogs, dragonforce, drawing, e e cummings, equal vision records, espresso, explodingdog.com, facedown records, family guy, figure four, fiona apple, flame resistant, floorpunch, french, from ashes rise, german, glbt rights, god, godcore.com, good clean fun, gorilla biscuits, grammar, graphic design, guys, hag, halloween, hardcore, harvard square, have heart, helloween, hot cross, jesus, kissing, labyrinth, limp wrist, lip rings, local shows, love, lyle mcdonald, making out, mind eraser, modern life is war, monty python, muscle & fitness hers, music, myspace, narziss, no innocent victim, no warning, old blink 182, old green day, old saves the day, on broken wings, oxygen magazine, panic, patchouli, peanut butter, pedro the lion, piercings, pirates, poetry, poison the well, protein shakes, pugs, r'n'r, rampage, reading, ren & stimpy, ryan adams, say goodbye, seinfeld, seventh star, shakira, shape, sifl & olly, sleeping, sneakers, snuggling, soymilk, spanish, straight edge, straightedge, strech arm strong, strike first records, sxe, symphony in peril, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, texas is the reason, the 80's, the bled, the butterfly effect, the confrontation, the cure, the first step, the garment district, the hope conspiracy, the juliana theory, the locust, the nightmare before christmas, the ran, the smiths, the suicide file, the used, the wrong side, think i care, throwdown, thursday, tofu, triceps, true love, underoath, vegan bodybuilding, veganism, victory records, war of ages, weight lifting, working out, xfilesx, xlooking forwardx