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Dear PersonWhoOpensTheGym:
Hey, what's up? I hope you had a nice morning. It really is nice to sleep in sometimes. I only wish you'd told me you were going to do that today, because I would have slept in too, instead of being at the gym at 5:30 am before work. Maybe you could plan this out better next time.
Katie D.
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my oldest puppadog got put to sleep today. she was nearly 13.
bawled my eyes out at work. we all knew it was coming, but i wasn't prepared...this morning my mom mentioned it happening on tuesday. then she showed up at my work asking if i wanted to say goodbye. i wasn't ready. she was not doing well, though. she was incontinent, not eating well, and had begun losing weight. she had a tumor on her side, and her hearing was gone. she didn't rush to bring you a toy, a sock, a something when you came in the door anymore. she didn't give kisses anymore.
sometimes i feel guilty because i think i neglected her when the other two pups came into the house.
but we have a lot of memories with her.
lizzy, who tore apart the sofa so we would have one less piece of furniture to move.
lizzy, who wiggled around because she was excited to see you.
lizzy, who still remembered commands from training ten years before.
lizzy, who accepted two smaller dogs into her household.
lizzy, who grew up along with us.
lizzy, the boxer with the floppy ears.

17 dec 93 - 24 sept 06

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caps locck rulz

oh yeah, and i'm goth (a black guy told me so that means it's true)

get ready for my awesome shoe invasion
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kara made me order 4 more pairs of sneaks (2 each in 2 different sizes, so i can wear at least one pair and not be disappointed when the arrive and none fit).

ummm i think i have a shoe problem...
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